The number of bisexuals is gradually increasing. Although this is true, there are still many people who do not recognize the existence of bisexuality and think that they are just excusing their own lusts. Bisexuality is real, with bisexual women who are more likely to suffer discrimination and harm. Here are the reasons why bi_women should get more attention.




Women are more likely to become bisexuals.

According to the research of the University of Notre Dame, we can clearly see in the survey data on same-sex attraction and sexual activity that women are more likely to become bisexual, and women are more likely to be attracted by men and women. According to a survey of older men and women, most people have been curious about same-sex or heterosexuality. Most women will eventually choose to have relationships with men and women, while more men say they are curious about both sexes. But does not choose bisexual dating.

Bisexual women are sexually active.

Some bisexuals will eventually enter a heterosexual relationship, while some self-identified bisexuals start a new way of life as sexual activists. Bisexual women may be more hurt, discriminated against by family, friends, and colleagues. They often feel lonely and even worry about their own safety. This makes them have to be more active in their sexual life and make them feel safe.

Bisexual women are vulnerable to abuse.

Some people who misunderstand bisexual women think that bi_women are omnipotent. They should not have any restrictions. Therefore, once bisexual women have resisted in life, they will suffer unequal treatment. This prejudice believes that bi_women should be eager to endure all kinds of unique tastes, and they should not refuse any sexual pleasure. Although many gay women and straight women have been abused, the probability is far lower than that of bisexual women, which is scary.

Bisexual women have more psychological barriers.

Bisexual women are at higher risk of depression than homosexuals and straight women. According to the researchers' survey of 2,500 young women, bisexual women have more difficulty in mental health. Because bisexual women are often under the pressure of family, friends and even partners, many people have stubborn misunderstandings about this sexual orientation, which leads to the temperament of bisexuals in a tight state for a long time. Objects, this is the main reason why they are prone to mental illness.

Bisexual women are easy to use drugs.

According to the National Alcohol Survey, more than one-third of bisexual women who have used marijuana, sexism, and paranoia have provoked phobias, and they have to choose a more extreme way to release stress.

Bisexual women have suffered too much and all the research results are heartbreaking. We built a bisexual world where you can looking for bisexual, bisexual friendly people. It's not just a bisexual dating site. We also welcome all bisexuals to find like-minded partners here and talk to each other. Here, you can completely abandon the troubles of life and welcome you.

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